She was born in La Plata, Argentina, in 1976. She studied drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts at the National University of La Plata. 
In 2000 traveled to Barcelona, where she has directed his creative work through illustration. There she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts.

In recent years combines illustration, giving workshops with teaching illustration in Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires.

Her work is characterized by the intensity of their spaces, charge chromatic with their environments, by the strength of its characters and the warmth they give off their artwork. Her innate vitality combined with a demanding effort to seek communication with the reader and the expression of feelings through text brushes.

In 2006 she was awarded in the White Ravens Internationale Jugendbliothek Munic, Germany, for two of his books: «The muntanya of them Ametistes» Ed Barcanova and «Seeking A Mother», Ed La Galera.

In 2008, the illustrated album «The cloud of Martín with text by Javier Sobrino, » was a finalist in the First International Prize Compostela.

In 2011 she was awarded with the Premi Serra d’Or for «The Princess malalta». Ed Publicacions L’Abadia de Montserrat. Barcelona.

In 2012 her illustrated album «Diáfana», with text by Celso Sisto and edited by Editora Scipione of Sao Paulo, has been awarded with the prize Açorianos for best book of the year.


Selection of published albums

“Mishiyu”. Text by Ricardo Alcántara. Combel Ed. 2014

«Cachtánka». Text Chekhov, adapted by Tatiana Belinky. Globo Ed. 2013

«What’s the color of love?». Text Fatima Sharafeddine. Kalimat Ed. 2013

«Kiwi». Text Susanna Isern. La Fragatina Ed. 2012

«El baile de la tarántula.» Text Cristina Verbena. La Fragatina Ed. 2012

«Diáfana». Text Celso Sisto. Scipione Ed. 2011

«Vivir es fácil». Poetic Anthology of Gabriel Celaya. Edelvives Ed. 2011

«La princesa malalta». Text Carme Bernal and Carme Rubio. Publicacions L’Abadia de Montserrat Ed. 2010

«Una puerta bajo la almohada”. Text Eulalia Canal. Baula Ed. 2009

«Dimitri». Text Joan de Déu Prats. Baula Ed. 2009

«Canciones y palabras de otro cantar». Text Juan Carlos Martín. Edelvives Ed. 2009

«La nube de Martín». Text Javier Sobrino. Kalandraka Ed. 2008

«Carnaval». Text Javier Sobrino. La Galera Ed. 2008

«La sonrisa de Daniela». Text Carmen Gil. Kalandraka Ed. 2007

«25 cuentos populares de Europa”. Texts Michi Strausfeld and Ramon Besora. Siruela-Aura Ed. 2006